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Global Tools & Machines is uniquely positioned to supply a diverse range of tooling solutions for numerous Metalworking Industry sectors. Our Press Brake Bending Tools, Ironworker Punch & Shear Tools, CNC Turret Punch Press Tools and Metal Stamping Punch, Die and Matrix Tooling components represent the most comprehensive range of Metalworking Tools available.

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From concept to completion, Global Tools & Machines can develop your ideas further and realise a production environment that fully meets your expectations.
From initial design stage through to final commissioning, we nurture an evolutionary process based on tight specification, cost effective manufacturing and timely installation.

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Global Tools & Machines designs and supplies rack and pinion modular gear technology, belt conveyors, roller conveyors, shaker conveyors and compound die part catchers for the Automotive Metal Stamping, Metal Pressing and Industrial Automation Industries, optimizing productivity and your profitability.