Perforating Punch Press Lines

Global Tools & Machines has been supplying and installing new Metal Perforating Press Lines for over a decade to the Perforating Metal Pressing Industry. Our team of dedicated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Control System Designers offer fully Engineered Perforating Lines to maximise your production efficiency and profitability.

The Perforating Line manufactures perforated sheets from coil and each line can be custom built to suit your requirements. The Perforating stamping dies and tools can be manufactured to your pattern requirements.

Our Perforating Lines offer performance, reliability and incorporate the latest hardware and software solutions. Control philosophy, operator interface, panel layouts and wiring systems are all totally engineered locally by Global Tools & Machines. Manufacturing and Quality control is overseen by our Engineers at the factory and all Presses are factory tested prior to shipment.

It goes without saying that each Perforating Press Line is subjected to our risk and hazard analysis so that safety integrity is absolute. Isolation of all Safety Critical Functions are Engineered in accordance with the relevant Safety Standards.