C Frame Punch Holders & Tools

C Frame Punch Holders Tools

Unitized C Frame Tools are the easiest and fastest way to punch holes or notch when metal fabricating. No need for expensive or delayed custom made press tooling, as we offer a large range of C Frames with various throat depths that are capable of piercing a variety of metals. C Frames are the simplest way when punching aluminium extrusions, tube and pipes, flat and structural parts. Simply drive the punch into the metal using a press brake machine, stamping press or a hydraulic ram.

Our vast range of standard shape Punches and Dies will save you time and money. Our C frames are designed to accept both round and shaped punch tooling with unlimited orientations. Our C Frame punches and Dies fit various brands such as: Fabricator Strippit, Unipunch, Unittool and Redman.

C Frame punch processes: Blanking – Cluster Punching – Corner Radius Notching – Countersinking holes, Embossing holes – Extruding holes – Electrical Knock Outs EKOs – Bending and Forming, Heeled Punches – Lance and Form tabs – Trim & Part – Vee Notching. C Frame Unitized Tools have unlimited uses in sheet metal shops.

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