Stamping Perforating Punches And Dies

Global Tools & Machines expertise lies within the manufacture of the Ball Lock Punch, Head type Punch and Die or Matrix. Our Punches and Dies are manufactured to ISO and NAAMS Standards. Other standard Automotive Pressing, Metal Stamping and Metal Pressing components such as Ball Lock Retainers and Urethane Strippers are supplied by Global Tools & Machines

With decades of Industry experience, we want to see you get more “bangs for your bucks” using our Punches and Dies. Our Engineers are here to guide and assist you with technical solutions. We can provide Punch coating solutions to enhance the performance and life of your Punch tooling. We regularly assist customers with test pieces, using various coatings such as TiN, TiCN and NCA, just to name a few!

Besides excelling on price, quality and delivery for standard punches and dies, we can also manufacture special punches and dies to your drawings. Special shape form punches and blade punches are our speciality. Our Punch and Die base materials are usually manufactured from A2 or M2, although we have the capability to supply Punches and Dies made from particle steel and tungsten carbide.

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