Tungsten Carbide Punches & Dies

When “high volume” and “high wear resistance” are key factors to your metal stamping success, you cannot go past our Tungsten Carbide Punches and Dies. Our Tungsten Carbide Punches and Dies are “made better to last longer” as compared to steel punches and dies with less maintenance downtime.

We also supply Tungsten Carbide die blocks and die sections to your drawing, either finished precision ground or in a hardened pre-form state with soft threads for you to finish grind.

We have the capability to supply Tungsten Carbide dies for “Stacking Dies” used in the production of laminated products, such as electric motors or ‘E’ and ‘I’ laminations for transformers.

Our Tungsten Carbide is used in primary and secondary scroll dies for steel can and steel container tooling.

Other industry applications for Tungsten Carbide and Silicon Carbide include: seals, shafts, bearings, chokes, valve trim and drilling components.

Please let us know your requirements and we will quote you accordingly.

If you cannot see what you need please call us as we can Global source for you.

Tungsten Carbide